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Page history last edited by Masahiko Nose 7 years, 11 months ago

Amele: a language of Papua New Guinea


Maintained by Masahiko Nose (Shiga University, mnosema@gmail.com)



Population 5,300 (1987 SIL).

Region Madang Province, Madang District, hills up from Astrolabe Bay, between Gum and Gogol rivers. 40 hamlets.

Language map Papua New Guinea, Map 7, reference number 346

Alternate names   Amale

Dialects Huar, Jagahala, Haija. Related to Gumalu [gmu], Sihan [snr], Isebe [igo], Bau [bbd], Panim [pnr].

Classification Trans-New Guinea, Madang, Croisilles, Gum

Language development Literacy rate in L1: 75%?100%. Literacy rate in L2: 75%?100%. Grammar. NT: 1997.

Writing system Latin script.

Comments SOV.


OLAC resources in and about the Amele language



World Atlas Online:



My Fieldwork:

  • 2006 October, 1 week, Sein village 
  • 2007 August, 1 month: based in Sein and also, Bilbil 
  • 2008 October-November, 10 days: based in Sein, and also, Siroi
  • 2009 October-November. 10 days: based in Sein
  • 2010 August-September, 2weeks; based in Sein and Madang (with my wife) 
  • 2011 Cancelled  
  • 2012 August-September, 2weeks; based in Sein and Madang
  • 2013 August-September, 2weeks; based in Sein and Madang
  • 2014 August-September, 3weeks; based in Sein, Madang, and Karkar Island (Waskia side)
  • 2015 August-September, 3weeks; 


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Basic Grammatical Sketch:

sounds of Amele: 2008 Novemer

Movies of Amele: Morning in Sein 2009 

Movies of Amele2: Road to Sein 2009 



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My works including Amele data:



  • 科学研究費(学術研究助成基金助成金:若手研究B,課題番号23720211)(2011年-2013年)代表者:野瀬昌彦「パプアニューギニアのマダン州で話される言語における時制と時間表現」(JSPS-Kakenhi 2012-2013, Tense and temporal expressions of the languages of Papua New Guinea (Madang Province), Masahiko Nose) 
  • カシオ科学振興財団 研究助成(課題番号28-C-019)(2011年-2011年)代表者:野瀬昌彦 「時間表現に使用される文法形式に関する対照言語学的研究:時計の発明以前と以後」(CASIO Science Promotion Foundation; 2010-36; Contrastive linguistic study of grammatical forms used in temporal relations, Masahiko Nose)(link

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